Become an RPA developer

An important letter from Leon Petrou:


Dear friend,

I'd like to share a personal story and a few secrets with you that I've never told anyone...

There are very few things in life that I hate, but one thing that I know I hated was my first job.

Let me explain, I remember my first day of work after graduating from university with my engineering degree.

I was excited to finally launch my career as an Industrial Engineer... 

I stepped into the office all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to conquer the world!

The first task I was assigned was a geo-coding assignment where I had to manually convert a list of 10,000 addresses (like a street address) into their geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude).

It was my first task, so I wasn't going to complain, and I started... 

I was one week in and pulling my hair out and my eyes were BULGING out of my head.

It was the most dreaded, tedious and boring thing I have ever had to do in my ENTIRE life.
Then, I thought to myself - "there has got to be a better way to do this".

And so, as we all do, I Googled it. I remember googling "how to automate boring office work"...

That Google search CHANGED MY LIFE!

That was the day I discovered Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 

I read countless articles about how the new technology "RPA" is the future of work. I could COMPLETELY relate after what I just went through. 

If RPA could automate my work to help me do my work faster and more accurately and then I don't have to do that boring work, it sounds like a WIN-WIN for everyone!

I took the idea to my boss to use RPA for our repetitive processes, but the company I worked for had a very old fashioned mind-set and didn't want to change their ways of doing things. 

The boring and tedious work didn't stop for months and I knew I NEEDED to make a change.

So what I did is, while I still had my full-time job (which I hated) I started learning UiPath after-hours with the UiPath Academy courses. 

It helped me understand the basics of UiPath, however the courses were very fast-paced, skips vital steps and worst of all, the courses were very academic. 

They were not project-based, so it was difficult to learn how I would use the tool in real-world projects. It took me about 3 MONTHS just to cover the basics!

I then jumped into the deep-end and created a profile on the freelancing site UpWork and I got a few small RPA jobs and gained some real-world experience

I then landed my first RPA contract of $3000 per month to do the automation for a health-tech startup.

That contract was TRIPLE my salary, so I quit my job in a heartbeat to focus on RPA full-time. 

I then landed another contract, then another contract, and then ANOTHER CONTRACT which moulded into my automation consultancy, FutureRPA.

RPA was in such high demand (and still is) that finding work is so easy

All you need to do is reach-out to companies, ask them what repetitive processes they have, and then offer to automate it for them to get a time and cost saving

And even easier than that, is to land a high-paying job as an RPA Developer because of the HIGH DEMAND AND SHORTAGE of RPA talent.

I have spent the last few years helping hundreds of people around the world learn RPA and kick-start their careers as RPA Developer. 

However, if you don't know me or the courses I teach, you may be wondering - "What in the world is RPA?", so...

What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, and it is a technology used to build SOFTWARE ROBOTS which automate repetitive processes on a computer. 

So similar to how physical robots automate blue-collar work in factories, RPA software automates white-collar work in offices.

Physical Robots

Software Robots

The benefits of software robots:

Cost reductions
Increased productivity
24/7 Operations
Faster operational speed
Improved accuracy
Refocussing highly skilled people
ROI<1 year
Improved employee morale

The best part? As an RPA Developer, your skills offer these benefits to any company you do work for. Making you an ASSET resource.

Take your first step towards becoming an RPA developer and book a free consultation call below.

Are robots going to replace your job?

There is a lot of controversy around RPA replacing people's jobs... 

There are also opposing arguments that say RPA or automation is also creating jobs. However, that is only true for the engineers and developers who build the automation.

The best way to future-proof or secure your skills and job for the long-run, is to become the engineer or developer who BUILDS the automation. 

I found this scary but true quote by Tom Preston-Werner, the CEO at GitHub:

"You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated."

I definitely don't support the idea of replacing people’s jobs or leaving people unemployed. So, I'll tell you my view on automation... 

Humans are NOT designed to sit behind a computer for hours on end doing the same boring, tedious and repetitive task. Not to mention the human error aspect.

However, robots ARE designed for rules-based, repetitive tasks, and are much better at it than humans...

They can do the same job a human can do, but faster and more accurately. This frees up the time of the human, to do work that they are good at, like creativity, strategizing, problem solving, building relationships etc.

This is what you call 'human-machine harmony', allowing both human and machine to the parts of the process that they are good at. 

This is the ultimate recipe to optimise productivity of business processes.

RPA is an amazing technology, making a MASSIVE impact on the world. 

As a 4th Industrial Revolution technology, it is going to have a direct or indirect impact on everyone in the world, and YOU get to be a part of that. 


Did you know that RPA is a 4th Industrial Revolution Technology? Some have even called the 4th Industrial Revolution the "Age of Automation", and you are at the forefront of it right now.

Your job is NOT as secure as you thought...

We’ve seen ever since the Covid19 pandemic hit the world – that your job is NOT as secure as you thought it was. 

MILLIONS of people were retrenched and lost their jobs, and it breaks my heart.

Do you want to know something interesting? 

Even though Covid19 left millions of people jobless, it didn't negatively affect RPA Developers. In fact, the demand for RPA developers increased to an ALL-TIME high...

Firms around the world had to adapt to a “new normal” in respect to how they conduct business, and automation was the solution after the dreaded staff-cuts.

RPA Developers, like all software developers are location-independent, and have the benefit of being able to work remotely or work from home.

With the pandemic and unpredictable nature of life, having a flexible career where you have the option to work remotely is ESSENTIAL. 

Also, the demand for automation SURGES when there is an economic crisis, this is because the benefits of automation include cutting costs and increasing revenue, that all companies are looking to do when struggling financially. 

Remote work and unconditional demand are vital in keeping your career and income future-proof and being an RPA developer ticks ALL those boxes.

Now more than ever, it is important to SECURE YOUR SKILLS so that you won’t be affected by another crisis, whether that's natural or economic. 

Like futurist John Sanei says, "Future-proof yourself and your business in the age of exponential disruption."

There are many ways to monetise your skills as an RPA Developer. 

These are the main ones...



Full-time RPA Employee

Choosing a career as an RPA Developer is one of the most future-proof and REWARDING career choices. You get paid from as much as $5000 per month for a Junior RPA Developer position in the US. With a few years of experience under your belt, you can earn up to $10,000 per month as a Senior RPA Developer. You may already be working full-time and so, learning RPA skills will allow you to get promoted or secure your job for the long-term.


One of the best things about RPA is it can all be done online. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You will have the location and time independence to work where ever you want and whenever you want - working completely on your own schedule at the hourly rate that you choose. RPA freelancers on UpWork charge anything between $30 and $150 per hour. As a freelancer you can earn more than a full-time employee but take the risk of not getting a guaranteed income every month.

Consultancy Owner

If you wish to take it a step further, you can start your own RPA consultancy. You can build a team of RPA Developers and charge clients anything between $10,000 to $100,000 to build RPA solutions for clients. You can even start your business by hiring RPA freelancers online and then later hiring them full-time.
Some people would say “This sounds great and all, but I’m not a programmer, I don’t know how to code”.

That is why this program is:

Specifically designed for people who don't know how to code

That’s the beautiful thing about RPA with UiPath, is primarily drag-and-drop and does NOT require much coding. 

This has attracted many non-programmers to start learning and using UiPath to develop automations. 

This makes RPA the BEST gate-way programming tool into the lucrative IT industry. 

RPA is the ideal choice to start learning programming, especially if you’re coming from a non-tech background. Jumping into something that’s pure code like Javascript or Python, would be very intimidating if you have no prior development experience.

I pride myself as someone who is able to teach complicated technical subject matter to non-technical people. 

The reason I'm able to do this is because I too used to be a non-technical person with a FEAR of computers and coding.

Even at school, I chose not to take Information Technology (IT) as an elective subject because I feared what I did not understand...

However, taking the leap and making the decision to learn technology and understand RPA, was one of the best decisions of my LIFE, for two reasons:

First, because it is now my main source of income, through my RPA consultancy FutureRPA.

And two, I am able to help thousands of people around the world earn an income from the high-paying tech skill, RPA.

So, my dear friend,
  • If you've been playing with the idea of becoming an RPA Developer for quite some time...
  • ​If you want to learn a brand new skill that is in high-demand...
  • ​If you want to a future-proof career to secure your income for the long-run...
  • ​If you want a skill which can add massive value and cost savings to almost any business...
  • ​​If you're just starting out as an RPA Developer and you feel a little bit lost...
  • ​If you've already learnt some RPA but want to take it to the next level...
... then I might have something for you:



Let's be honest: I firmly believe that when it comes to my clients’ results, there's NOBODY who has achieved that many breakthroughs in others in the RPA community.

I have among the highest rated AND most popular RPA courses online and one of the largest RPA YouTube channels.

Besides... I practice what I preach.

My full-time day job is developing RPA bots for my clients.

I'm not one of those fake "online gurus" who try teach you a skill, meanwhile they have no idea what they're talking about, and can't even do the very thing they're teaching in real life.

If you know me or speak to my students, or maybe you are one of my students, you already know that I KNOW what I'm talking about when it comes to RPA.

I don't say that to try and show off, I say that because I want you to know that you're in good hands...

And my students' results speak for themselves.

My enthusiasm for my students hasn’t changed. It’s even become more serious to me.

My students and mentees are ALWAYS my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

If YOU send me a WhatsApp message at 10 PM on a Saturday night while you're grinding away - I'll answer you immediately, unless I'm sleeping of course. I'm NOT the kind of person who waits till Monday to answer your question.

I've helped thousands of non-technical people learn a new tech skill - to design, develop and deploy RPA bots - something that they previously would've NEVER thought they would be able to do. 

I’ve taught them how to get certified and monetise their RPA skills… And have been doing all that for years

This is why I decided to put all my knowledge, strategies, methods, tactics and abilities into a full-action mentoring program where I help you one-on-one to teach you RPA, prepare you for certification, work together with you on building bots at work, guide you on getting hired or whatever your RPA goals is, all within 90 days!

Yes, you read right: I personally want to become your mentor in guiding you on your journey to a future-proof career!


First of all, be aware: This is going to be intense. I will invest a lot of time into this mentoring. I've been doing close mentorships for quite some time now and we’ve seen incredible results for my clients.

The good news is, we've already done most of the heavy lifting for you – you just need to execute.

The bad news is, we can't let everyone into this program and this is why you can’t just sign up for it online...


I'm pretty sure you know I've got some following behind me and I'm honestly flattered and humbled to be teaching and influencing so many people!

Since this mentoring is one-on-one coaching, I am limited with the number of hours in a day.

This also means that we can't help everybody.

This is NOT a group coaching program.

Like I said, you will get personalised 1:1 mentoring with me personally, not with one of my coaches, but with ME directly, that's personalised support for three whole months.

I want to work closely with you so that I can ensure actual results and achieve your RPA goals.

We are going to expect huge demand for this mentoring so it will be necessary to apply for it. I want to make sure that the people I pick for this program are highly committed action-takers who are able to make decisions, willing to invest in themselves and wanting to create themselves a good life.
If this is what you're looking for, keep reading – you will find all the information about the mentoring program on this page!


System to your 

  • ​Video-Training: Leon personally recorded 20 chapters and 70 hours of all of the technical skills, principles and systems he used on his journey to become an RPA Developer and included them into this exclusive & comprehensive training.
  • Zero-To-Hero Concept: We designed the mentoring in a way that even absolute beginners with no prior programming or coding knowledge could learn how to develop automations, get certified, and finally launch their careers as RPA Developers.
  • 12-Week Program: Massive Transformation progress within the shortest possible time!

COACHING with Leon.

  • Live-Coaching Calls with Leon:  You can ask Leon your individual questions one-on-one via videochat for 60 minutes every week and get his help on any RPA related technical problem or other.
  • ​Email and Mobile Access with Leon: You can reach out to Leon directly anytime if you need any help or support.
  • Personalized Mentorship: The individual mentorship is almost always unique and custom tailored to fit the specific needs of the client. This will be defined in the free consulting call.

Bot Builder Family

  • ​Exclusive Coaching Group on FB: Leon & his coaching team are available for you in a closed members-only community and making sure you achieve progress.
  • Community: Like attracts like. You’ll be in touch with hundreds of other high quality like-minded people that share the same drive and mission and are going to push you to the next level.
  • ​Leverage: Leverage off knowledge, resources and job opportunities that fellow Bot Builders share with the community. 


Here’s the necessary CRITERIA for acceptance into the mentoring program with Leon:
  • Future Thinkers: This is for the people think ahead and stay ahead of the trends, for people who want to keep their skills relevant and monetizable in the future.
  • ​Work Ethic: You don't dread hard work – quite the opposite– you actually enjoy the process of putting in the hours that are necessary to build your OWN CAREER.
  • Positive Energy: You have a positive outlook on life and are able to push through challenges whenever they occur - you stay motivated and keep moving towards your goals.
  • ​Complete Ownership: You understand that it’s YOUR LIFE you are responsible for and no matter what happens to you, there's at least 80% of things, thoughts and actions you can CONTROL.

What can the mentoring program help you with?

  • Become an RPA Developer: Even if you have no prior programming knowledge, I will help you every step of the way to become highly proficient in RPA, get certified with UiPath and then land a high-paying job as an RPA Developer. If you're not prepared to quit your current job, you can freelance RPA online after hours to make some extra income.
  • ​Stop doing what you hate: If you currently feel stuck in a 9-to-5 job that you don't enjoy or doesn't pay well, it's our primary goal to get you to learn a new high-income tech skill, which is RPA, so that you can switch careers into something that you will enjoy more and has a heavier pay check.
  • Make a difference: Perhaps you're happy at your current job and you want to cut costs, improve accuracy and increase productivity in your workplace, then RPA is the tool to help you achieve those goals. This will not only have a massively positive impact on the business, but you're also lining yourself up for a promotion.
  • ​Future-proofing your career: No more worrying about the security of your job and income, RPA is a 4th industrial revolution technology which means it is here to stay for the next few decades. If you're one of the first to learn this hot emerging technology - it's safe to say your career is secure for the long run, and you will be ahead the game when workplace automation becomes mainstream.


1. You apply for the mentoring program.

The one-on-one mentoring program with Leon is very intense – both in terms of time and in terms of action-taking. This means we can only select a handful of people that fit a certain criteria. Therefore, in order to become a part of it, you need to apply for it.

2. My enrollment team will call you and speak with you.

One of my team members will call and discuss with you what's your current situation, what's the things you want to accomplish, what obstacles you might face and how we can help you bridge this gap.

3. I will personally choose the people who get to join.

Once I get a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit in, I will decide whether you get to join the mentoring program or not. No matter the outcome, you will receive feedback from us on what happens next.


Let me get this straight: This mentoring program requires an active investment in yourself. This is NOT one of these cheesy, tacky online courses that teaches you how to "get rich quick"...

NOPE. But nice try ;)

We teach a real world high-income tech skill and ultimately help you monetise that new skill.

Our clients only get phenomenal results, because they are supervised by me personally

KEEP IN MIND: You have to act now!

My team and I have set aside some time for you to talk about how you can become an RPA Developer, freelance online, switch careers or possibly break free from your 9-to-5 job and start your own business.

But here's the catch: You gotta act now.

We can’t estimate how many people we can accept into the program until the limit is reached. I work with my clients one-on-one, and there's only so many hours in the day before my capacity is reached.

However, the fact that you are able to read these lines, means that we still have some available seats open...

As you know, I have a decent amount of followers, so this can change radically in an instant – one shoutout on YouTube, Udemy or Facebook and we'll have to close applications again for a while.

Of course, we give smart people who already applied and made it through the application process priority over the latest ones wanting to join the program – first come first serve.

So to raise your chances of being chosen, you should apply as early as you can.

If you're ready to take the next step, then click on the button below, fill out the application and follow further instructions. We will then contact you as soon as possible and give you feedback as to whether you are accepted into the program.

Do it now... You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Be aware: Available seats for the mentoring program are highly limited.
We can only select and accept a small group of highly committed people for our mentoring program. In order to join, you have to apply and see if you qualify.
Click on the button below to fill out your application:
Please note: The application process for new attendees is open for a short period of time ONLY.
You have to apply now, if you want to get a chance to get personal mentoring with Leon.
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